Translating the company name “Hoogbegaafd in Bedrijf” into English is not easy. It has different meanings in Dutch (that is why this name was chosen). It could mean “Gifted in Business” or “Gifted in Company”, but can also mean “Gifted at Work”, “Gifted in Action” or “Gifted in Operation”.

This social enterprise aims to support gifted adults in the context of their work, like re-integration services to help sick adults back to the labor market, career planning, recruitment, job hunting, training and personal coaching.

All coaches working for Hoogbegaafd in Bedrijf are gifted and/or highly sensitive individuals themselves and can therefore truly understand the complexity and intensity of our clients. All of us are certified Core Talent analysts.

Commissioning parties are: companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies like the Dutch Unemployment Agency (UWV), and local/municipal authorities.

At this moment we are planning an international program for coaches/counselors outside the Netherlands to become experts in guiding gifted adults in their life and career under the name Gifted in Action. For more information, please contact us at our e-mailaddress